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At Agents of Play we redefine engagement through our Experiential Technology & Design services, catering to both B2B and B2C partners. Our mission is to elevate live events and physical spaces into unforgettable experiences. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies like AI, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Projection Mapping, high-quality Video content, immersive 3D Animation, precision-guided Drones, and interactive Gamification, we create bespoke solutions that captivate, educate, and activate audiences. Our innovative approach not only enhances the user experience but also fosters meaningful connections, transforming ordinary events into extraordinary, memorable journeys.

Experiential Reel

Projection Mapping & Animation Reel

Elevating Engagement with Innovative Experiential Solutions

At Agents of Play, we boast world-class teams of designers and technologists dedicated to crafting the most engaging experiential solutions to meet your event and business objectives. Our approach seamlessly blends creativity with cutting-edge technology to deliver unparalleled interactive experiences that not only captivate your audience but also drives tangible business ROI.

Our Experiential solutions include:

  • AR / VR Experiences: Dive into highly immersive interactions with our AR and VR solutions. Designed to transport users to another world, these experiences not only engage but also create memorable moments that resonate with audiences, fostering a deeper connection with your brand.
  • Projection Mapping: Transform any space into a dynamic canvas with our Projection Mapping experiences. This solution breathes life into your environment, delivering high-impact visuals that captivate and enchant viewers, ensuring your message is not just seen but felt.
  • Video, Motion Graphics & Drones: Capture your audience’s attention like never before. Our use of breathtaking video, fluid motion graphics, and aerial drone displays present your company, story, and products in a dramatically engaging way, ensuring your brand stands out in a crowded marketplace.
  • 3D, Animation & Gamification: Embark on a journey of discovery with our 3D, Animation, and Gamification solutions. Create amazing virtual environments and characters, and weave fun, interactive experiences that not only entertain but also educate and incentivize your audience, driving both engagement and business outcomes.

AI Smart Characters For Your Event

Why AI Characters

Why AI-Powered Characters? Visitors to our AI powered character experiences seek to experience Generative AI, the most impactful technology shaping our lives. AI characters stand at the forefront of this exploration, offering an endless reservoir of information, data, knowledge, and educational interactions. They can embody the essence of your company, providing insights and engaging in meaningful dialogue with attendees. AI’s influence spans all industries and business segments, marking a transformative era in technological advancement. Engaging with AI-powered characters demystifies this technology, breaking down barriers of fear and misunderstanding. This experience not only highlights AI’s immense value but also paves the way for embracing its potential with confidence and curiosity.

AI + Avatars = Smart Business Characters

AI-powered smart characters can revolutionize engagement at business events and locations by introducing interactive, intelligent avatars capable of real-time conversation and personalized interactions. These virtual beings, equipped with advanced artificial intelligence, understand and respond to user queries, preferences, and behaviors, offering a uniquely tailored experience for each attendee. Whether guiding participants through event schedules, providing information about products or services, or as a recreation of a historical company or brand figure, AI-powered characters enrich the event atmosphere, making it more engaging, informative, and memorable. By leveraging these smart characters, businesses can significantly enhance attendee satisfaction, foster lasting connections, and stand out in today’s competitive event landscape.

Our Experience

Providing design and technology solutions to large enterprises, SMBs, non-profits, and government partners since 2009.



Partner with us to create immersive, engaging experiences.

We can manage all aspects of the project, including concept, design, development, management of Metaverse, AR/VR/XR apps, Avatars, & experiences across many platforms.


Trust the development of your technology to an experienced team.

iOS & Android, Unity & Unreal, Gen AI / LLM, Websites, API | SDK Integrations, eCommerce, Banking, Web3, WordPress & CMS, Database/Backend


You deserve technology that’s both attractive and easy to use.

Our experienced designers bring your project to life across web, mobile, video, metaverse, AR/VR, software applications and brand identity.


Tap into the power of play to engage, activate and grow your business.

We create native iOS & Android Games, HTML5 Games, eSports Competitions, Edu-tainment Games, Brand Arcades, Tournament Platforms


Create compelling stories with high-quality graphics.

We have experience and expertise with 3D object and character design, 3D animation, motion graphics for video, and creating interactive experiences.


Over half (54%) of consumers want to see more video content from companies they support. 

We provide video production & editing to create business storytelling through 2D, 3D, CGI/Animation, live stream, drone & robotic techniques.


Mobile apps and platforms power business operations and drive growth. Don’t miss out! 

AOP delivers custom app and platform design & development for iOS & Android, web apps, AR/VR/XR, video streaming and other app & smart device platforms.


Technology is only as good as its foundation, scalability and security.

We provide consultation and cloud solutions for AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, EngageVR, Chaarmi, Twilio, eCommerce, Web and Application hosting.


Our event production team has produced 100s of virtual, kive and hybrid events.

Let us help you with virtual and live event & meeting production and management, projection mapping, event video and live streaming solutions, VR and more.