The METAVERSE is here, is your business ready? AOP helps companies strategically test and enter the business metaverse with design and development of Metaverse experiences as the future of work evolves.

The expert design & build team at AOP leverages its Game Development DNA to deliver best in class, secure and integrated experiences across the leading Web, VR, AR and Metaverse Platforms.

Our mission is to help you enter the business METAVERSE to drive your highest value strategic business goals.


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Graphic Design
Spatial & Digital Interior Design
3D Design
3D Modeling, Rigging, Textures
3D Animation

Unity 3D Development
Platform Integration Development
3D & XR Platform R&D
Testing & QA
Development Team Project Management


Devices & Distribution


Like all things “Metaverse” the concept of the Enterprise or Business centered metaverse is evolving. For AOP partners the Enterprise Metaverse involves immersive and interactive 3D spaces where companies can engage and activate their employees, partners and customers in collaborative virtual experiences. These experiences enable companies to power remote employee training and onboarding, evolve hybrid team collaboration, enhance sales and marketing enablement and deliver high value immersive meetings and events.

In a post-pandemic world, the value of Enterprise Metaverse experiences as part of the hybrid, future of work strategy is becoming very clear to companies across the globe. New opportunities powered by the Enterprise Metaverse are emerging across all industries, companies that embrace this technology will gain competitive advantage when hiring, training and growing their business into the future.

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Businesses now have an opportunity to enhance their real world operations with immersive, 3D technologies that everyone can experience. With technology and business experts predicting that the metaverse will evolve into the future of the internet, the time is now to learn and establish your Enterprise Metaverse strategy. Companies that embrace the new technologies, platforms and tools that power the Metaverse will gain strategic competitive advantage in their industries.

Strategic Enterprise Metaverse Opportunities include;

Experience anywhere-
Now you can share immersive 3D powered virtual business experiences with team members, partners or customers that are remote and distributed globally. This means the geographic barriers to operating and growing your business can be eliminated. Combine Enterprise Metaverse with the emerging hybrid future of work to supercharge your business growth.

Training & Education –
Engage employees in highly immersive, 3D virtual training that can be solo or multi-user. Enterprise Metaverse Training enables companies to streamline their training investments, reduce travel and expenses, and expand the amount and customization of training they can deliver to employees wherever they are located. Customized Metaverse & VR Training Experiences can also provide immersive

Sales & Marketing Enablement
Imagine being able to welcome your customers and prospects into your private, custom 3D metaverse space for a product demo, live interactive new business presentation or a strategic working session

Team Collaboration –
Take collaboration to the next level in a custom Metaverse environment, whether it’s a digital twin of one of your real life locations or a custom environment designed for your specific virtual collaboration needs.

Virtual Meetings & Events –
Hold your weekly team meetings in a digital twin of your company headquarters, or on Mars, you can do either in your Enterprise Metaverse solution. Host a Virtual / Live Hybrid event where some attendees are in the Metaverse and others are On-site. Welcome your customers or prospects into a private meeting where you launch a new product, service or deliver industry knowledge at an immersive virtual event.

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While the Metaverse may seem daunting, and far out of your comfort zone, the opportunities to get started with learning, experiencing, testing and prototyping for your business is simple. AOP helps companies evaluate and put a plan in place to leverage Metaverse technologies, platforms and distribution devices that match your business needs and requirements. The good news is that there are opportunities to test and learn at a lower investment than you might have expected. Once the technology, design and strategy is well formed, AOP will help develop an execution plan that fits your goals and strategic objectives.

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The Enterprise Metaverse is accessible by all. You may think that Virtual Reality (VR) headsets are a requirement, they are not. The fact is that end users can enter, experience and collaborate within your Enterprise Metaverse from a web/mobile browser, on a tablet such as an iPad, within a VR headset (such as Oculus or HTC Vive) or even wearing a pair of AR Glasses such as nREAL.

Want to learn more about the Enterprise Metaverse? Contact us to set up a demo session.

Agents of Play works with large, medium and small businesses and organizations to leverage the power of this new emerging Enterprise Metaverse technology. We have developed the expertise, team and knowledge to help you establish a strategy, define a plan and execute on your business metaverse experience.

Let’s get started today!

Want to learn more about the Enterprise Metaverse? Contact us to set up a demo session.